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CSDC is an expert services Company that offers Distribution and Logistic services.


From start-up to full product rollout, we supply a wide array of services and hand holding, customized to your needs. They include:

UPC* Assignment (*Universal Product Code)
Product Setup
SKU* Maintenance (*Stock Keeping Unit)
Product Purchasing
Purchasing Management
Inventory and Asset Management
Consignment Management
POS* Reporting (*Point of Sale)
Retailer Sell-Thru Reporting
EDI* (Electronic Data Interchange) Reporting
Reseller Relationships
Start-up Opportunities
Product Marketing
Product Promotion


CSDC and Channel Sources make a commitment to a product beyond just getting it on the shelf. Once there, we play a critical role in keeping the product visible, working with the retailer in category promotion, managing turns, and keeping inventory levels current.

The Battlefield

For over ten years, Channel Sources has represented products in North America and Europe to over 100 Retail Chains with over 13,000 locations, and the growing market of e-tailer (Internet Resellers). We are proud to have launched dozens of new products and internationally known brands.

The Retailers shelves you want to be on! Download The Battlefield Chart (PDF) here. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader - available for free from Adobe Systems - to open and read this file.)